AUTOMATED PACKAGE REPORTING SYSTEM (APRS) for interference-free and fast transmission of GPS signals for broadcast and/or stationary operation.

Using the GPS-datasets GPRMC, GPGGA, GPGSA, GPGSV, GPGLL, GPBOD, GPVTG as well as PGRME, PGRMZ, PGRMM and HCHDG, GPRTE via an AX.25 coder and using AFSK (Audio Frequency-Shift Keying) -modulation, extremely robust connections are possible, even when in mobile operation. At this, data is transmitted plainly as converted sounds on the speech channel.

The system is ready for using the Galileo datasets and can easily be adapted to all common radio sets.

Additionally, freely composed and hard-wired reports can be transmitted from the receiver to the sender of the GPS data.

Together with our product 3DAM, movements of individuals and/or vehicles are easily 3D-visualizable in quasi realtime in an arbitrary topography, for example in a situation room and via the internet.

3DAM_ARPS_en transparent
Schematic illustration of the entire system

Hartmut Fischer
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