3DAM Product line

All 3DAM products use one of TROUT-GmbH's developed data servers that is able to process aircraft location data from different sources, e.g. ADS-B and transfer it in its native format to the connected visualisation.

The product line of 3DAM comprises three systems in the field of 3D visualisation of aircraft movement: Defence, Civil, and Infontainment.


The infotainment application Real3DAM comprises air space visualisation for airport visitors. This application is designated for installation in airport areas with public access. Due to safety reasons current aircraft movements will be visualised with a delay and with randomised changing 3D views. 3DAMI attracts the attention of airport visitors by using changing 3D views. The deployed monitors provide two pictures, which lead to a real 3D impression for the viewer. Airport information or advertising may be transmitted in addition. The visitors may interact with the infotainment client by using gestures, which are evaluated by a camera system.

3DAM Civil

This system is for monitoring the civil air traffic and includes tools for real time air traffic control (ATC), planning flight tracks, and calculation of noise and pollution emissions. The objective of the 3DAM (3 Dimension Air Monitoring) system is to implement an air monitoring system which is ready for certification for international operation. The 3DAM system comprises different applications that use the same basis.

3DAM Defence

The first system out of the 3DAM product line is 3DAM Defence. This system is for military application in the field of briefing, debriefing and analysis of maneuvers. Moving objects like jets or rockets will be shown in a photo-realistic real time 3D visualisation of a 3D environment based on RADAR data, transponder or other signals.


System for transmitting GPS signals and short texts in high quality and safety for 3D visualisation of objects using any radio device.