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The measuring system NIVAB uses a process for the non-invasive determination of blood glucose level (in mg/dl or mmol/l) in human blood by measuring the impedance in a part of the patient’s body.

The calculation module notes a change in blood glucose level. The coefficients of the approximation function are determined at the start by measuring the blood glucose level invasively.

By administering HF and LF current to the patient’s body, the measurement of the determined HF and LF impedances and the input of these results into an artificial neural network, the determined blood glucose level is displayed.

HF charge is between 1-9 MHz; the LF charge between 10-100 kHz. The frequency dictates in which depth of subcutaneous tissue the impedance measurement is taken.

It should be noted that earlier concepts for the non-invasive determination of blood glucose level attempted to measure in the blood directly. For a couple of years the glucose level has been measured in the subcutaneous fat tissue because there the glucose concentration corresponds well to that in the blood (there is a delay).