Below you will find a selection of our most important projects.


System for evaluating vital data using optimised sensors combined with artificial intelligence and physiological models. The user’s safety and well-being are increased by determining selected vitality parameters.

R&D Project: Vitality Data Analysis

In cooperation the project partners TROUT GmbH, the University of Kassel and an industry partner will develop a prototype of an intelligent driver's seat processing the driver's vitality parameters and evaluating the cognitive states, among others, in the dimensions fatigue, focus and stress level.

LogoNivaB 75 transparentNIVAB

Non-invasive blood glucose measuring system of newest generation that operates pain free and facilitates prophylaxis, diagnosis and therapy by storing measured data every minute.

ICON_3DAM-APRS_OhneHG_01 75 transparent3DAM

Air-Traffic-Control (ATC) system for the later realisation of the "Virtual Tower" consisting of Real3DAM, 3DAM Civil and 3DAM Defence.

PlaceView transparent


Service to display detailled information on sites. Panoramic images, exact location positioning and the addition of digital maps offer a versatile service to the viewer. 

LogoMauav 75 transparent

The MAUAV project is a drone system, which is easily adaptable to different missions, requirements and newest technologies.

SeeBahnSeeBahn_LOGO 75 transparent

SeeBahn serves real-time representation of moving objects' travel routes at sea including a video function feature. 

LogoEventWalker_02 transparentEventWalker

The EventWalker is a system for providing mobile retrievable information in the course of major events which the user can arrange individually.