System Description


Our R&D project objective is to position NIVAB as the world’s first high-tech product for continuous and non-invasive determination of blood sugar level, on the expanding global self-diagnostics and diagnostics market with currently 220 million diabetic patients and worth approx. 8 billion US dollars per year.

We are confident that we will achieve this goal with our groundbreaking non-invasive approach for determining blood glucose content which will revolutionise today’s methods of glucose monitoring and which is protected by a patent filing.

Our non-invasive approach not only relieves the patient considerably, the continuous measurement (one value per minute) and the output of a function (blood sugar level over time) open up entirely new opportunities in diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis, and will result in substantial quality improvements and cost reductions.


Building on more than 10 years of university research on the correlation between blood glucose and impedance (alternating current resistance = ratio of electric power to a load to the ingested energy as a complex-valued function of frequency) and upon years of R&D on sensors and the use of special measuring frequencies and processes, we also developed the computer-aided determination of results (artificial intelligence via a neural network) for NIVAB.

The relation between blood glucose and impedance is determined for each patient, using individual "artificial neural networks (ANN)" which have artificial intelligence. This procedure makes the calculation and representation of individual non-linear functions possible, as well as the intelligent processing of extensive amounts of data using stored physical, mathematical and physiological models.

  • Pain-free and continuous measurement
  • No risk of infection
  • Improved diagnosis