By: Nicoline Kersten

The project series VITAB focusses on collecting and processing vital 

data laying emphasis on the user's well-being, health needs and safety. The system measures and classifies the vitality parameters through selected sensors and artificial intelligence and provides an evaluation. In case a value lies within a critical range, immediate action can be taken accordingly. 

Here you will find further information.

Contact: Hartmut Fischer and Martin Bussas

Medizin Innovativ – MedTech Summit 2016

TROUT GmbH | Exhibitor on MedTech Summit 2016

By: Nicoline Kersten

On 15th and 16th June 2016 TROUT participates in the international congress Medizin Innovativ - MedTech Summit 2016 as exhibitor in Nuremberg. 70 technical lectures in three parallel sessions complete the event. The interactive quality of the congress offers various opportunities for networking and cooperating in the areas of research, development and financing. 

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Driver Information Systems


TROUT's vast experience in sensor systems, automation and medical technology utilising neural networks, especially with the NIVAB project, led to many project requests to develop further systems applying artificial intelligence. Now, internal and external projects of TROUT push the area of driver information and assistance systems in particular.

Contact: Hartmut Fischer and Martin Bussas

etc2016 Conference

TROUT GmbH | lecture on telemetry and statistical evaluation

By: Nicoline Kersten

In collaboration with the SENSOR+TEST 2016 conference, the European Telemetry and Test Conference – etc2016 takes place in Nuremberg from 10 – 12 May 2016. 

Innovations in methods, systems and instrumentation from industry, researchers and laboratories are represented on an international scale on the conference as well as on the accompanying exhibition.

Martin Bussas gives a lecture on telemetry and statistical evaluation of operating data from power generators, distributors and stores. 

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The Printed Circuit Board as Integration Module

TROUT GmbH | Exhibitor on co-operation forum by Bayern Innovativ

By: Nicoline KerstenLeiterplatte2

On January 26th TROUT exhibits the specifically designed circuit board of our non-invasive blood glucose measuring system NIVAB at the 12th co-operation forum by Bayern Innovativ in Nuremberg.

The focus of the technical lectures is on the latest developments concerning printed circuit boards: among others the areas robustness, embedding technologies, thermal management, smart home, consumer electronics, medical technology and automation are addressed.

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Digitalisation in Medical Technology

TROUT GmbH | Exhibitor on co-operation forum

By: Nicoline Kersten

TROUT participates as an exhibitor digitalisierung in der medizintechnikin the co-operation forum "Digitalisierung in der Medizintechnik" in Nuremberg on 30th September 2015. 

Technical lectures provide new insights pertaining to the integration of new software and hardware solutions in medical technology in areas such as diagnostic imaging, intensive care, OP equioment, man-machine interface and wearable electronics. IT aspects are addressed as well: big data, cloud services, data management systems, apps und IT security for example.

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AMA Conference SENSOR 2015

TROUT GmbH | Technical lecture on AMA conferences 2015

On May 20th  at the AMA conference SENSOR in Nuremberg TROUT is one of the selected companies that may give a technical lecture on an innovative product and presents the non-invasive blood glucose measuring system NIVAB . 

This year Prof. Dr. R. Lerch, University Erlangen-Nürnberg and Prof. Dr. R. Werthschützky,
Technical University Darmstadt manage the organisation of the conferences which have already established themselves as important networking platforms. 

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MedTech Pharma 2014

TROUT GmbH | Exhibitor on MedTech Pharma 2014

By: Martin Bussas

TROUT participates in the interdisciplinary Conference Medicine Innovative - MedTech Pharma 2014 in Nuremberg. The Congress offers an information and networking platform for science, business, health insurers and hospitals as well as other interested parties. In addition to the parallel series of topics, the BMBF Symposium 'Medi-WING - nanotechnology and materials research for pharmaceutical and medical applications in the BMBF funding WING' is integrated into the program. In addition, the Congress accompanies a broad exhibition. More than 120 exhibitors will present their products and services.

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By: Martin Bussas

Delivery of version 3.0. Seebahn allows the real-time display and recording of routes of moving objects at sea and is used by the test ranges of the Bundeswehr. Relative measurements can be initiated online and offline. Video recordings can be created and played back synchronously to the data flow. Version 3.0 improves the saving and restoring of entire measurement scenarios in addition to many smaller improvements that resulted from the requirements of past measurement campaigns. Furthermore the data communication protocols have been extended.

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