System Developments

Check our portfolio of pilot systems from the last years here: Pilot Systems

Application Development

Customer designed solutions from request analysis to system integration. Support for all phases of the software development process. Role-taking (project, quality or configuration manager, developer) according to V-model.


Development, compilation and provision of all the necessary documentation for software development according to standards. Documents for medical systems according to FDA specifications.

Support and Maintenance

Support for developed applications in operation.

Training Services

Request analysis, concepts, training for project leaders, developers and users. Computer/Web based training (CBT/WBT).


Engineering services in specialised areas such as electronics, high-frequency engineering: EMC – Electro Magnetic Compatibility, prediction, concepts, testing. Antenna technology, signal transmission.

Software-Engineering / Re-Engineering

Approaches, analysis, evaluation, concepts, methods, standards, tools and documentation.


Martin Bussas