VeDAS Vehicle Data Analysing System V3


Vehicle Data Analyzing System (VeDAS) – a first step towards the planning and preparation of demand-oriented maintenance.

The use of vehicles in challenging tasks and scenarios, such as navigating rugged terrain, can result in various issues. One of these issues pertains to overloading the vehicle beyond its specified limits. Challenges also arise in the detection and correction of systematic errors. As part of the performance-based logistic approach, it is planned to provide needs-based maintenance. This also requires corresponding load data from the system from day-to-day use.

This results in the need for a self-sufficient system that can be easily adapted to different platforms in the vehicle sector, that senses and records the load data in the different degrees of freedom and that meets these special requirements through a consistently structured structure in hardware and software. Due to the large number of platforms currently available in the field of land vehicles, such a system must be able to be used cost-effectively and reliably.

Based on the requirements for land systems described above, TROUT developed and tested a comprehensive analysis system in a multi-year technology partnership with Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH.

In particular, the accelerations and vibrations experienced by the vehicle in tough operations, e.g. in international crisis management tasks in Afghanistan or in Mali, have a particular influence on the mean time between failures and thus the actual usable availability time of the weapon system. In order to establish a connection between the experienced loads and the respective actual environmental conditions, the position of the platform in three-dimensional space, the vehicle parameters speed and distance traveled must also be recorded.

The system is ready for implementation. It is used to record field data and operating data from vehicles in order to be able to better calculate lifecycle costs. VeDAS has the potential to initiate technical updates and improvements and to identify weak points in vehicles. It covers the areas of maintenance and preventive maintenance and provides information about the expected life cycle of the monitored system.


VeDAS has interfaces to use the data obtained for further processing, for example in a vehicle management system, and is therefore an important component for further digitized systems.

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