100 Tage MINT

There will be 100 days of MINT during the documenta in the FutureSpace at Wilhelmsstraße 2. Every day there is a special MINT offer from physics, technology, biology, mathematics, genetics, technology and astronomy. The FutureSpace is a model project in Kassel to encourage young people to strengthen their skills and talents. The current focus is on natural sciences.

Martin Bussas will create an exciting weekend with Go and AI on June 25th and 26th.

Artificial intelligence AI is a very current topic for the economy. Go is a demanding board game from Asia, a strategy game that is more complex than chess and, until a few years ago, computer programs could not handle it at a high level.

The AI ​​program AlphaGo-Zero from Google DeepMind brought the breakthrough. Based on reinforcement learning, a sub-discipline of the AI, it now beats the best players in the world by far.

On Saturday we want to get acquainted with the game Go and understand the links to applications from the field of artificial intelligence. For this purpose, an AI will be developed on the basis of a card game, which will master the simple game ‘pawn chess’ with the help of reinforcement learning.

Then on Sunday there was a Go beginners tournament with prizes for the best players.

The event is part of 100 days of MINT, 100 days full of exciting hands-on activities, lectures, experiments and much more.

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