Go and KI


Artificial intelligence AI is a very current topic for the economy. Go is a very demanding board game from Asia, a strategy game more complex than chess and until a few years ago could not be mastered by computer programs at a high level of play.
The AI program AlphaGo-Zero from Google DeepMind brought the breakthrough. Based on the Reinforced Learning, a sub-discipline of AI, it now beats the best players in the world by far.
In the VDI online workshop, the background to this AI performance is now explained and examples are given to show what AI engineers at VDI can learn from it.

Registration * Date 30.11.2020 * Time 18:00 – 20:00 Uhr * Organizor Bezirksverein Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.  AK Mensch – Technik – Gesellschaft * Place Online 10117 Berlin

Martin Bussas gives a lecture on:

  • Deep Learning on Vital Parameters for Stress Level Assessment of Drivers
  • Natural Language Processing for the evaluation of scientific publications
  • Reinforcement Learning for optimization of chemical reactions
  • Development of neural networks for non-invasive determination of blood glucose from impedance spectroscopic data – The data recorder is in the hands of the ladies above
  • Deep Learning for detection of individual heartbeats in radar signal

Report Deutsche Go-Zeitung Edition 6/2020