Quality Management System According to ISO 9001:2015

The quality-management of the TROUT GmbH is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. The underlying model for software-development is the “V-model” (developing-standard of the government).

Preliminary Examination | Analysis | Concepts | Tailoring | Requirements | Programming and Managing Specifications

Project preparation and basis of decision-making, requirement specifications, programmers handbook, form sheets (reviews, tests, acceptance), acceptance specifications, standards, project support & controlling, performance of reviews and audits.


Quality management plan, configuration management plan, project structure plan, product structure plan, test plan with test specifications.


Requirements (functional, safety, etc.), specifications, test surroundings, black box testing, white box testing, functional tests, HIL, SIL, module, component and system tests with established SW-Tools according to requirements and/or using self-developed individual test surrounding.


Comprehensive support in the development of high quality software. Grading of methods, activities and products. Support for their effective and price sufficient implementation. Planning and integration of test surroundings.


Philipp Baum