Information System Fieseler Storch

The association Fieseler Storch for Kassel e.V. has restored an original Fieseler Storch FI156 with a lot of personal commitment and considerable financial resources. In 2019 the association built a presentation hall on the grounds of the new regional airport in Kassel.

In addition to the restoration, maintenance and care for vintage aircraft and the operation of the Fieseler Stork, this hall is now also to be used for events such as classic car meetings, parts fairs and museum exhibitions. Also planned are projects for aviation with adolescents, children and schoolchildren, especially children’s adventure days for sick children, the construction and operation of model airplanes (for schoolchildren) and information stands “All about flying”.

To support all of these activities, TROUT has implemented an information system that uses a content management system on up to eight computer workstations and four presentation monitors to make content available on the above topics. A flight simulator is also available in the IT equipment. The picture shows two columns with which information can be called up via a touch-sensitive display.

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