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The “Sensors and Measurement Systems” conference has become the most important German-language scientific event in the field of sensor technology and measurement technology since its launch in 1982. While initially the focus was on sensors and their technologies, in recent years interest has increasingly shifted to signal evaluation including AI methods, integration of sensors into […]


AR – Augmented Reality

SFN Deutschland gGmbH (Future Space) plans to develop an innovative didactic concept to promote learning development using digital support. In the Phase 1 project, middle and high school students are introduced to atomic physics and atomic models using augmented reality (AR). To illustrate the connections, Trout presented an application for the HoloLens 2 that also […]

Life Cycle Management

Life Cycle Management (LCM) in NATO Conference in Brussels 23rd and 24th January presented fresh insights from researchers and practitioners into the visionary potential of merging AI technologies with LCM. Representing NATO, nations, and industry, speakers from around the world offered leading thoughts, practical implications, and challenges emerging from the confluence of AI and LCM, […]


VeDAS Vehicle Data Analysing System V3

Vehicle Data Analyzing System (VeDAS) – a first step towards the planning and preparation of demand-oriented maintenance. The use of vehicles in challenging tasks and scenarios, such as navigating rugged terrain, can result in various issues. One of these issues pertains to overloading the vehicle beyond its specified limits. Challenges also arise in the detection […]

Support of reading fluency

The software developed to support reading fluency aims to increase the reading speed of students by hiding the displayed syllables and words in line with the subject’s current reading speed. The development took place on the initiative of and in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Andreas Mayer, LMU Munich, chair for speech therapy (speech therapy and […]

Stress Analysis in Drivers Using Wavelet Analysis

In connection with our VitaB project – determination of vital data – a bachelor’s thesis on the subject of ‘stress analysis in drivers using wavelet analysis’ was prepared at TROUT in cooperation with the Chair of Numerik und mathematische Modellbildung (Prof. Dr. Elfriede Friedmann) at the University of Kassel by Mr. Christoph Heidemann. The monitoring […]

100 Tage MINT

There will be 100 days of MINT during the documenta in the FutureSpace at Wilhelmsstraße 2. Every day there is a special MINT offer from physics, technology, biology, mathematics, genetics, technology and astronomy. The FutureSpace is a model project in Kassel to encourage young people to strengthen their skills and talents. The current focus is […]


The ettc2022 is the important international platform for telemetry, test instrumentation, telecontrol and data processing and is taking place for the fifth time in parallel and in cooperation with the SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg. More on Google Business. Martin Bussas gives a lecture about predictive maintenance with machine learning. Thursday, 12 May 2022 13:30 – 15:30:  […]



As part of the NMRplusX project, a hardware and software-based synthesis and analysis system has been developed that combines orthogonal spectroscopic analysis with chemometrics as a process analysis technology (PAT) for the calibration and self-optimisation of chemical processes. Image: HPLC-Pumps (1), Thermostat (2), Thermo Reactor (3), Capillar Photo Reactor (4), Liquid Phase Separator (5), Pressure […]


VeDAS Vehicle Data Analysing System

TROUT developed and started to distribute a Vehicle Data Analyzing System, VeDAS for short. Launch customer is Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH. In the context of the use of vehicles for demanding tasks, problems arose, among other things, with regard to the load beyond specified limits, as well as difficulties in recognizing and correcting systematic errors and […]