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Sensor + Test 2021

Special Topic “Sensor and measurement technology for condition monitoring” Monitoring the condition of devices, machines and systems is the supreme discipline for sensors and measuring systems. They deliver data, analyze signals and diagnose causes for deviations from normal operation. This makes them the most important basis for maintaining safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and economical operating […]


Digital platform for system developments with international project teams using freely available implementation tools. Skillembassy brings together enthusiasts from the fields of product management, design and development into agile groups to develop and launch products within a few months. The topic of cooperation becomes a challenge whenever several people from different cultural backgrounds have to […]

Go and KI

  Artificial intelligence AI is a very current topic for the economy. Go is a very demanding board game from Asia, a strategy game more complex than chess and until a few years ago could not be mastered by computer programs at a high level of play. The AI program AlphaGo-Zero from Google DeepMind brought […]

Technology Mountains

MedicalMountains celebrates its tenth anniversary, the Innovation Forum Medical Technology goes into its twelfth round. The growing interest from business and science year after year was an incentive to make the forum even more attractive for visitors and exhibitors. In 2020, communication with platforms that make it possible to maintain dialog with business and project […]

Information System Fieseler Storch

The association Fieseler Storch for Kassel e.V. has restored an original Fieseler Storch FI156 with a lot of personal commitment and considerable financial resources. In 2019 the association built a presentation hall on the grounds of the new regional airport in Kassel. In addition to the restoration, maintenance and care for vintage aircraft and the […]

Canada – Germany industrial AI solutions

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in partnership with the National Research Council Canada (NRC), the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) and the NRC National Program Office are working together to foster and support collaborative industrial research and development (R&D) projects with a high potential for […]


The SENSOR + TEST 2020 is unfortunately canceled this year. We would have been happy to inform you about our latest developments in Hall 3, Stand C-120/18. Accompanying congresses and forums will now take place virtually from 23 to 25 June. TROUT will speak there on a topic from the field of machine learning: ‚Continuous […]

LOEWE forum

The Hessen Innovation Fund invites on behalf of the Hessian Ministry of Science to the 11th LOEWE specialist forum under the motto “Safe. Healthy. Digital. – Research meets application”. Representatives of funded LOEWE projects present their innovative approaches to the subject. Martin Bussas gave a lecture on “Acquisition of vitality parameters and classification of cognitive […]

Naming Speed Training

The naming speed, i.e. the ability to name abstract visual symbols (letters, numbers, colors) as quickly as possible, is considered one of the best predictors of the acquisition of written language, in particular the automation of reading ability. The naming speed is defined as a measure of how quickly a person succeeds in visually processing […]

Forum Artificial Intelligence

Find more on Google Business. Artificial intelligence has become the focus of many technical developments. In many fields of application, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and neural networks are promising development paths, machine learning and neural networks are key technologies enabling systems to react autonomously and to make decisions independently on the basis of external […]