Naming Speed Training

The naming speed, i.e. the ability to name abstract visual symbols (letters, numbers, colors) as quickly as possible, is considered one of the best predictors of the acquisition of written language, in particular the automation of reading ability.

The naming speed is defined as a measure of how quickly a person succeeds in visually processing a sequence of displayed symbols (e.g. numbers, letters, colors) and accessing the corresponding verbal representation, i.e. naming it. Although this is a complex task involving different visual, linguistic and non-specific cognitive performance, the naming speed can be checked quickly and easily using so-called RAN tests (RAN = rapid automated naming).

A software-based verification of the naming speed has not yet existed, however. TROUT was initiated by Prof. Dr. Andreas Mayer, LMU Munich, Chair for Speech Therapy (Speech Therapy and Language Special) to develop an adaptive computer program with which the output power in the area of ​​naming speed can be recorded. The key novelty value is that the program should also be able to use an adaptive approach to train the naming speed. So far, there is no national and international evidence of the effectiveness of such training.

Research Project: Rapid automatized Naming (RAN) – Förderung der Benennungsgeschwindigkeit durch ein adaptives softwaregestütztes Training