TROUT works closely with the universities of Kassel, Göttingen and Darmstadt and is always on the current status of research and development, maintaining close contact with engineering students and graduates regarding term papers and bachelor theses.

TROUT is certified for electronic and system developments in the fields of automation, medical technology, defense and aerospace according to DIN ISO 9001:2015. You will find our current certificate: here.

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Trout V Model


Please tell us about relevant projects or problems. After consulting with our clients, we shall put you in contact with a referee. Please note, that in the interest of our clients, all information must be treated as confidential.

  • Testing (SW, HW, Adapter, Systems, Off-Line)
  • Simulation (Training, Strategy, Systems)
  • ABC (sensor system, analysis/display, emmision/ forecast)
  • Reconnaissence (evaluation, visualisation, simulation, dynamic objects, databases)
  • Command Systems (SW, Interfaces)
  • Communication (measurement and test engineering, safety, dynamic LANs, APIs)
  • EMC - Electro Magnetic Compatibility Testing (Antennas, assessments/forecasts, gauges, test procedures)
  • Robotics
  • Bus Systems (CAN, Av.)
  • Missile Control Software
  • Training (CBT, WBT)
  • Ground Control (control software, communication, evaluation, simulation)
  • Avionics (position control, test control)
  • Test Software (SW-In-the-Loop, HW-In-the-Loop, On-Board)
  • Measurement and Test engineering (Digital, Analog, HF)
  • Training (CBT, WBT)
  • Simulation (Missiles, ground control)
Medical Technology
  • Project management
  • Test design and implementation
  • SW and hardware components
  • Documentation in compliance with FDA
  • Development of medical devices
Automation | Automotive
  • On-Board-Testing
  • Software for process control system
  • AP-linkup
  • Prosthesis controlled by bio signals
  • Robotics
  • Communication (dynamic LANs, bus systems)
  • Communication-APIs
  • CAN-Bus-Applications
  • Parts in a project: program-/project management, quality management, configuration management
  • Products and activities according to standards (V-Modell)
  • Documentation according to standards
  • Compilation of technical offers
  • Activities for highly critical projects
  • Asessement of products and resources for: reorganisation, optimisation for organisations, reconstruction
  • Methods and standards for SW-engineering and project management
  • Use of Software tools in the development cycle of systems (requirements management to system test, HIL & SIL as well)
  • Analysis
  • Concepts
  • Products for SW-Developers
  • Products for HW-Developers
  • Products for quality management
  • Products for SW-Testers
  • Products for management of software projects


Hartmut Fischer

Hartmut Fischer

until 1975: education

  • baccalaureat
  • internship
  • studies

until 1984: industrial activities at KMW, Thyssen, MBB (EADS), SCS (debis)

  • Development engineer
  • project engineer
  • project manager
  • Assistant to works manager and manager EMV and computerised assembly/testing
  • Senior-Consultant

from 1984: Founder and manager of a Software- & Consulting Company

  • Aerospace, Defense and Automotive.

1997: disposal of the company as Management-Buy-Out to four employees

until 2004: Management consultant with focus on "Instant action" for critical High-Tech-Projects (deadline, benefit, cost).



Martin Bussas

Martin Bussas

until 1992: education

  • baccalaureat
  • internship
  • studies

until 2004: Industrial activity at IABG, Thyssen-Henschel, Fiducia, T-Systems

  • Assistant professor
  • Project engineer
  • Project manager
  • Quality manager
  • IT Consultant
Conjoint foundation of the TROUT GmbH
  • Approx. 300 projects Software-Development, e. g. Radio-Astronomy station, Missile-Systems, process automation, SAP-Implementation, artillery control systems, ECM/EW/EMC systems, Internet-Application etc.
  • Approx. 20 projects Hardware-Development, e. g. Interface for optical sensors, Bus-Interface for Vehicle-bus-systems, Antenna construction, GPS-Interface, etc.
  • Approx. 200 projects consulting, e. g. adoption of the management-role in projects (PM, QM, KM), expertise, analysis, concepts, documentation, company-renovation etc.