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SeeBahn (S57 Mission Planning) is used for real-time representation of moving objects at sea. Relative measurements can be performed online and offline. Video recordings can be synchronised to the data flow. Possible data sources are NMEA data streams, hydrophones, automatic ship identification system AIS and position data from downlink stations. Several moving objects at sea can be detected over a distance of up to 25 kilometers at the same time with a telemetry system.

The system has the following features:

  • A Display of high-resolution S57 vector nautical charts and stepless zoom
  • Free navigation within the loaded S57 cells
  • Automatic tracking of moving object
  • Manual load and unload of S57 cells
  • UTM coordinates or Lat/Long coordinates can alternatively be displayed
  • User defined coordinate system
  • Night view
  • AML display for ammunition layer
  • Support of Windows 2000 / XP and and Vista
Set Course

Ship guidance along a set course:

  • Master station with reset function and deleting possibility of single tracks.
  • Position of oneself own (geographical in degree and minutes).
  • Course and speed for calibrating purposes.
  • Course and distance to a mobile object as well as to the cursor position.
  • Deviation to set course and counter-course, algebraic sign is selectable for A-B, B-A.
  • Parallel courses and circle courses can be made simply.
Chart Layer

Realisation of a S57 vector chart layer: objects being able to be put on the chart graphically interactively, stored and loaded again. The storage format is ASCII text, the stored files can be changed with a text editor. The objects can get names which are displayed correspondingly. All objects are fully scalable, mobile objects can be activated and deactivated for data logging. The different objects will be visualised as follows:

  • Ship is a rectangle with a triangle on top, mounting position of GPS aerial, hydrophones and the ship reference point.
  • Drilling rig with circles in the corners.
  • Areas, course lines, circles with available radii, crosses and icons (mines, anchor ... ).
  • Tracks with initial, middle and final marking (pressure measuring chain).
  • Tracks with a fictitious prolongation for calculation of a deviation (course line).
  • Symbols for object supervision (Bell, Fish).
  • Objects can be switched to visible/invisible in a menu.
Data Logging
  • Raw data of the used interfaces are recorded unchanged.
  • For checking the interface the raw data can be seen in a window.
  • Generation of event files at every start of the data logging (logging of time, serial number and position).
  • The average speed as well as start and stop time are registered in a log file.
  • One log file per ship/object.
  • For the produced event files a replay possibility is created.
Data Interfaces

Data interfaces for the serial assignment with a variable data frequency (to 10 Hz). The accompanying formats are NMEA and proprietary formats, free COM port assignment:

  • COM1 GPS own vehicle.
  • COM2 special interface for the heading.
  • COM3 portable set.
  • COM4/5 multiplex.
  • COM6 13 direct signals (drifting mines... ).
Flight Data Interfaces

Ethernet interface for Metric and BGT ground station with data logging in QLAT format and replay possibility in the offline mode. 

Video Function
  • Recording and playback of video in a separate window.
  • Automatic detection of system cameras (Firewire and USB).
  • Video window is flexible and can be placed anywhere.
  • Video Inputs: 2x analogue (Composite or S-VHS) and 2x digital.
  • Automatic generation of a still image of the displayed video images when calling the event function.
  • Free choice of CODECs.
  • Synchronised video and data streams:
    • Fixed correlation intervals.
    • Playback option with time slider.

The graphics show Screenshots of the SeeBahn-software