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NIVAB is a TROUT GmbH medical technology project where a system for non-invasive determination of blood glucose level is under development. The objectives of the project is to provide an easy to use non invasive blood glucose measurement system for continuous and pain free real time detection of blood glucose values. The NIVAB System as described in the following is based on many years of research and development. Actually it is realized by a functional prototype.

As opposed to conventional invasive measurement and/or monitoring systems, just a single blood sample is required for device calibration. The use of the NIVAB sensor is pain-free and prevents inflammation and similar concerns.

As mentioned above, another advantage of the system is the continuous data acquisition. This means a consistent curve is recorded which provides improved possibilities of diagnosis, leading to more suitable therapies. Conventional systems only provide selective data which may include large time lags. Glucose values during these time lags, e.g. amplitudes to hyper or hypo glycaemia go unnoticed. Based on measurements, filtering, averaging and calculation the NIVAB generates a glucose value every minute. In various preclinical tests, promising results were achieved. Additional and because there is no need to take blood samples, except for daily calibration, e.g. by lancing a finger, the non-invasive approach reduces the risk of infection to a minimum.

The European Patent Office has granted a patent for the measurement and calculation method on which the system is based.